Christian Heritage Speech Challenge 2020 Topics

Updated: 10/6/2020 (CAPE Topic)

Bring copy of speech to submit at check-in

General scoring: 50% content, 20% Bible

CCP Virus Precautions

Grades 3-5, Sponsored by: NM Christian Business Leadership

Recitation of patriotic poetry, scripture, hymns, and founding documents (selected works online).

Grade 6-7, Sponsored by: Rio Grande Enrichment Studies

“Select one of the Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention. Explain his influence in producing our Constitution.”

Grade 8, Sponsored by: Creation Science Fellowship NM

"Does it really matter if the earth is old or young?"

Grades 9-10, Sponsored by: Noah Webster College

How does Socialism differ from a Republic in personal freedom, business opportunity, the value of the individual, and the responsibilities of individual citizens?”

Grades 11-12, Sponsored by: CAPE NM

Is there a Biblical reason to homeschool?

The vision of CAPE is to empower parents to fulfill their God given responsibility of imparting their Biblical values and beliefs to their children to influence and impact the world for Christ!


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